Yin Yang Balance Meditation

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Meditative Beats updates regularly with Sleep Music, Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Reiki Music, Zen Music and Healing Music. Our goal is to help you enter a meditative state as soon as possible. We aim to help you find calm, peace, and balance.

Meditating can change the structure and function of the brain through relaxation, which can: Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Increase focus and learning concentration. Improve memory and attention span.

Yin Yang is the foundation of Chinese philosophy. While most people know their opposition, they do not realize yin and yang forms a unity. Yin and yang come from Tai Chi, and in Tai Chi, they are united.

Many things can correspond to yin and yang, such as women and men, protons and electrons, or grief and joy. The majority of people always want to avoid sadness and be happy, but they ignore the fact that sadness and happiness are not the opposite. Joy cannot exist without grief, and vice versa. If you do not know what sadness is, you cannot feel happy. Only in comparison will you know their difference.

Therefore, if you truly want to feel good, you have to see higher than just grief and joy. As the Chinese saying goes, “”extremity leads to reversal.”” Sadness and happiness are ever-shifting. They transform into each other when the circumstance offers the chance. Yin and yang are two active forces that push grief into joy and joy into grief at the same time. They are together and inseparable. They are each other. They are one.

Understanding and becoming the One is the only way to achieve the ultimate “happiness.”

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